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During the 4-day workshop,

you will go through the 8C of Personal Branding to craft a niche for yourself:

  • Conception

  • Competency

  • Creation

  • Credibility

  • Contribution

  • Congruency

  • Connection

  • Cohesion


The conception of a brand is the creation of the perception. This process involves introspection - an examination on your mental and emotional process.

What's covered:

Explore the values you hold dear and discover your core strengths.


No branding will work if you have not nailed down your competency. It is the very foundation of your brand.


What's covered:

How to craft your brand ethos so you may best communicate your belief and way of being.


The art of believability begins with the congruence within you and what your brand stands for.

What's covered:

Walking your talk and how to project your brand.


Here's where we commit to our brand promise and image.  

What's covered:

Design and create persuasive communication to engage your brand with the world.


Your brands has been designed with a purpose in mind, which is to create a healthy connection between you with your audience.

What's covered:

How to connect with your audience via social networks and other marketing channels.


Your brand must be trustworthy to others so to create interest and encourage open communication. 

What's covered:

Establish credibility through presentations of portfolio, track record and past achievements.


A way to define contribution is making the world a better place by your actions.
Make a difference.

What's covered:

Cover the many ways to give back to society and enhance your brand's image.


In order for us to connect with our clients elegantly – we need to establish your voice – your brand voice. 

What's covered:

Bringing it all together, integrating it all to move your brand forward.

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Why BrandingYou?

You will be equipped with the branding tools to get you started on promoting your brand:



Social Media


Your brand is more than just a business card.


Through the workshop, you will discover that just like any business, a brand has to be marketed and nurtured over time in order to flourish and achieve greater success.

A brand is no longer simply a name for a product or service. Today, it is recognized as a trademark that sets the bar for an entire organization or individual. A “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears or sees your brand name. It creates an emotional connection that appears first in mind.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.


Napoleon Hill

This 4 day workshop walks you through the comprehensive process of Personal Branding. From Conception of your brand to Communication of the brand to the market. While doing so, we will work together to create all the marketing collaterals that you'll need to reach out and engage your audience. Especially digital marketing collaterals so you too can take advantage of the widen reach of online marketing.

Sign up for the workshop to learn how to grow and handle your own marketing so you no longer rely on others, saving yourself time and money. 

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4 - Day Intensive Branding Workshop

BRANDING never stops. It is always a work in progress, dynamic and fluid as it evolves as your business evolves.


  1. To establish yourself and compete in the market place. 

  2. To make yourself memorable by standing out from the crowd.

  3. To add value and worth to your business. 


By defining who you are, you will be able to manage perceptions of you.

Discover how to use the 8Cs to expand your branding capabilities by giving your brand more than a name. 

The world wide web is constantly evolving, so transcend your potential and create connections.


At the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with a Branding Toolkit to get started. Explore endless possibilities with us.


With the RedSemut Team



This workshop is not for the weak hearted. It's a hand-on approach that's intensive yet fun.


You are required to challenge all that you know of your service offerings and how you have been doing business. 

You will need to have the courage to unlearn, reinvent, rediscover and craft a new approach to your brand. 

Sign up for the next workshop ONLY if you are ready to rethink and re-engineer yourself and your brand. 

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