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What are the main costs involved with owning a website?

Website design: Your website look and feel.

Domain Name: This is your website’s name (address) and there is a recurring an annual fee. We recommend that you subscribe for 3 years. Domain names are priced according to availability and popularity.

Web Hosting: Your website is uploaded on a hosting server. This server is referred to as a "web host" and allows your website to remain online. Hosting also involved an annual fee ranging from USD 100 - USD 250.

What is a Page (Webpage)?

Our Web Design prices are based on the total number of pages on your website. A page is any menu item. For example, "Home", "Website Design", "View Samples" are each considered a page.

What is a micro-video?

Micro-Video: A mute looping motion background video that enhances the look and feel of a website.

You may want to consider having one on yours for USD 30. We can send you samples according to you needs.

How do I know if I’m going to like what you design? What’s my risk?

This is RISK FREE! We will give you a mock up design for your approval even BEFORE you confirm your order. Only upon your satisfaction, you can place the order for the development to proceed.

How do I establish an online presence?

Not only do we design your website, we also design Social Media Covers (in your chosen package) to get you started. Having a consistent design reinforces your market presence. And on top of that, you may want to consider engaging us as a Social media marketer. Or you can appoint us on a case-to-case basis to design your adverts, videos and/or articles.

What’s my expected ROI in having a website?

This is a very subjective question, unless you have an ONLINE store. However, you can’t afford not to have a website because of the sophisticated consumers in the technology era, most clients would look up on you and your offerings online before they consider doing business with you.

How to I pay for my package?

You can place your order on our online store here (in USD) or you can bank in directly to MBB 512307613514 and email your banking slip.


What happens after I place my order?

We will email instructions for your content submission where you will provide us with your site texts and any media you would like to incorporate into your website.​

If clarification is necessary, our designers will contact you directly.

How do I tell you how I want my website to look like?

Pick any 3 sample websites that you like your website to look like and describe the elements that you think would be nice – we will design something similar.

Can I make changes once the website is done?

We have a 30-day revision scheme where you get unlimited revisions to your website that starts right after your site goes live.

How do I send you content and pictures? Do I need to gather everything first?

You can e-mail us any content you have such as texts, images and videos. You don't need to have all the content ready to get started. We often use "filler content" to get started that can be replaced once you have the content ready. This allows us to get started sooner, which allows us to have the website ready sooner. 

How do I send you all my media files and information?

We will send you a complete instruction. Send us your content via any online file transfer or cloud server (Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud) See here for naming conventions.

What format of media files do I send?

It's of utmost importance that you send pictures/videos of high quality. The feel and quality of your website DEPENDS on it. (File ext. jpg, .mov)

What if I need to add pages in the future?

Each Web Design package comes with a set number of pages. Each additional page is priced at USD180. You can start small and add pages as your business grows. Any additional future changes will be charged separately.


What if I don’t have any content (text)? How may I attempt to have a website presence?

In this case, you can first read up on the RedSemut blog to gather some ideas, or you can consider our online branding consultation services through voice conferencing. We also provide copywriting services to help you put your ideas and brand into words!

What if I don’t have any pictures for the website?

You could commission us to shoot photos or videos for your specific needs. We have a database with some existing photos that you could use for your website, if asked, we would send you a selection of samples to choose from.

How do I make my website unique to my talents, products and services?

By understanding your USP and projecting your personality, you will be able to establish an emotional connection with your clients. You may want to consider a Personal Branding makeover. We work with several Personal Branding and Image Consultants to facilitate your transformation. Do contact us for more information.

Can you design a website to sell items?

Yes, we can. We can build an eCommerce website for you or link to an external online marketplace like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Lelong, Mudah and link it to your website.

We will build your e-Commerce site on reputable platforms such as Shopify, at an additional cost. Or alternatively, on Wordpress, where we will use a free plugin to build your online shop. Contact us to discuss the many options available to you.

Can we meet up with you in person?

Yes, you can. We are located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Make an appointment to meet with our designers.

Questions unanswered?

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