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We specialize in hand painted items. Each piece is tenderly and lovingly painted. They are originals in their own rights although we do use references as we move along. Each one holds a piece of our love.


You can place these beautiful pieces in your home, or as a special gift for any occasion. You may even personalized your gifts. 

watering can.jpeg

The story of OSK is above all else, a story of love. A story that, at its core, is about a simple idea. The simple idea that we can heal through art by enriching our lives through beauty and colours. Art makes us feel. It reflects our humanity back to us and we can see ourselves and what we are, flesh and soul. Its what makes us human.

We have a dream, a dream that through art we can help others heal too. A dream in progress as we are now just starting our journey. A dream to empower single mothers and children to heal and regain confidence in living their lives to the best of their abilities. We are excited and looking forward to making our social enterprise a reality. 


Watering Cans

Bird Houses

Wind Chimes



Acrylic Canvas

Festive Decor

Table Decorations

Glass Bottles
Lighted Bottles

Home Decor

Glass Bottles
Water Jugs



The items we have selected to paint on are mostly everyday items in your homes. We source our items through local markets, chain stores and the likes. You can also provide us with the items you want painted on.


We'd love to hear from you

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